DHH established St. Petersburg Chinese Law Center

Release time:2017-05-15 13:52
On May 14, 2017, with all the world focused on China’s “B&R”(Belt & Road) initiative, Beijing DHH Law Firm and Russia-China B&R Strategy Development Institution jointly established the St. Petersburg Chinese Law Center, and hosted the first “Chinese Law Express”. Nearly one hundred Russian and Chinese politicians, businessmen, academics and lawyers witnessed this historical moment, and attended the grand opening ceremony.
The Co-chairs of the Chinese Law Center, Mr. Luan Shaohu and Mr. Chen Zhigang, attended the unveiling ceremony and made speeches. Both found that the obstacles that both Chinese and Russian companies doing cross-border business are faced with results from being unfamiliar with the trading partners, policies, laws and regulations, and cultural customs of investing in the target countries. Therefore, it is significant to establish the Chinese Law Center in Russia.
The principle of the Center is “Consulting, Developing and Sharing”. DHH lawyers are ready to popularize and deepen the understanding of Chinese law by the Russian politicians, businessmen, academics and the Chinese who live or study in Russia, and to provide two-way legal services, especially for the Russian and Chinese enterprises investing cross the border. We aim at enhancing the confidence and cooperation in
 two-way investments, as well as promoting the B&R initiative toward greater success through high-quality international legal services.

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