The Intellectual Property Lawyers of Beijing DHH Law Firm win “the Best of the Year” Prizes

Release time:2017-06-12 13:50
On June 3, 2017, Yao Kefeng and Chen Hao, the senior partners of Beijing DHH law firm, respectively won the prizes of the 2017 Power-nation Intellectual Property Forum: “the Best Internet Legal Service Lawyer of the Year” and “ the Best Patent Litigator of the Year”.
There were a lot of intellectual property scholars and experts present at the forum including Song Yushui, the vice president of Beijing Intellectual Property Court, Yang Boyong, the full-time commissioner of the judicial committee of High People’s Court and the presiding judge of Civil Justice Court 3, Zhang Qin, the deputy president of China Intellectual Property Society and the director of Academic Advisory Committee, Wang Shengli, the deputy director of Office of the National Leading Group on the Fight Against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting, Yang Xuri, the president of Beijing Power-nation institute, and many other scholars and experts from the intellectual property circle.
Power-nation Intellectual Property Forum is a large-scale activity, which is well organized by Power-nation Institute and lots of other organizations. It is unofficial and non-profit, and it covers the fields of administration, justice, academy, industry and finance, and it reflects industry demands, discusses the development strategies, and creates the best brand of domestic and global IP professional activities, for serving the industry and country. 


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