Being DHH Law Firm Ranks among "Top 30 Chinese Firms by Revenue"

Release time:2017-10-09 12:23
Recently, the well-known British legal journal The Lawyer published the ranking list of “2016 Top 30 Chinese Firms by Revenue”, Beijing DHH ranked 16th among the list. Increased by 9 places since 2015, Beijing DHH made the biggest improvement within all the firms on the list.
Based on a series of surveys, The Lawyer researched the achievements and developments of many large-scale law firms and some small and medium-scale elite law firms from 2016 to 2017. After analyzing objective data such as annual revenue, firm scale, number of lawyers, revenue per partner, profit margin, number of increased offices, etc., The Lawyer chose the 30 most competitive law firms and made a deep comparison among the 30 law firms according to their integrated operation level, talent introduction and cultivation, reform and innovation, practice areas and customer feedback.
DHH’s improvements are reflected not only in firm scale and professional ability, but also in firm management and talent introduction. In recent years, DHH has attached importance to cultivation of talent and attracts many lawyers from the practice areas of international trade, transnational investment, intellectual property, taxation and customs, anti-subsidy, anti-dumping and anti-monopoly, all the new lawyers are able to work in more than two languages and many of them have obtained foreign bar admissions.
Up to the issue of this ranking list, DHH has been ranked among all kinds of firm ranking lists by well-known legal media six times, the other 5 ranking lists are “Asia Pacific top 100 local firms” (The Lawyers, 7th), “top 10 fastest growing local firms by lawyers” (The Lawyers, 2nd)”, “top 100 global law firms” (46th), “best law firm of the year in northern China” (CLP), “top 10 growing law firms in China” (ALB).      

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