DHH and DH Lawyers Assist CNQC in Borrowing Overseas

Release time:2017-11-02 17:06
Recently, Qingjian Group Co., Ltd. (CNQC) successfully issued SGD public offering bonds in Singapore after three rounds of negotiations, with the issuing amount of SGD 100 million. The investors are comprised of many well-known financial institutions such as BOC Consumer Finance, DBS Capital, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, etc.
CNQC, as a company listed in Hong Kong (HK1240) and occupied in foundation industry, mainly provides promoting and marketing services of Executive Condominium and Condominium, and construction services as a contractor of Singapore government organs and a developer of private real estates.
The issuance work was led by the vice-chairwoman of Deheng Law Group Hu Ming, the senior partner of DHH A Zhen and the partner of DH Gao Xiaojie assisted in providing domestic legal services and issuing legal opinion as well.
On the same day, the three-year MTN of CNQC, served by the partners of DH Song Huafeng and Gao Xiaojie, was also successfully issued, with the financing amount of RMB 400 million.

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